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Analyze your options and find alternative courses in real-time!

Get insights about courses on the fly: while navigating your favorite platforms (Coursera, Crehana…) access privileged information such as finishing rates or SM’s score!

Compare multiple platforms with one click: let us help you find the best course for you!

It’s not the right time? Don’t worry, we got you, save the course for later and track price evolution!

Access our unique AI-powered review system and help the community!

Don’t be fooled by advertising! Our smart algorithm will bring transparency to the whole experience.

Be fully informed to make the right choice: Access the best and worst reviews on the fly!

Your voice is essential! Leave honest reviews and help the largest student community.

Save and organize your favorite educational content!

Hold on to what interests you most! Build a to-do list of online courses you would like to enroll in by saving them for later.

Save your favorite Youtube videos and articles: Save your favorite Youtube videos and articles, in case you want to glance over them again!

The days of missing bookmarks are finally over! Organize your educational content leveraging our AI-powered smart-tags and store it in our Collections Section.

Match with your dream job!

Save time targeting the right job from the start! Upload your resume and quickly find your skill match rate to the job you are interested

Compatibility: Use JobMatch to discover how compatible your skillset to any job offer.

Find similar jobs! Select on similar jobs to find alternatives.


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