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Why choose SkillMapper?

Jaime Gonzalez

Jaime Gonzalez

Data Analyst & Demand Planner

SkillMapper’s Chrome extension will allow me to better manage my courses, which has been a difficulty when studying on different online education platforms at the same time.

Andrea Lequerica

Andrea Lequerica


I have been a user of online course platforms for years. Having been through many and learning a bit of everything, I am convinced that the best method of education is instructor-led. I love that SkillMapper has the innovative option to search for instructor-led courses and coaching sessions.

Ian Kalanda

Ian Kalanda

Data Science Strategist

SkillMapper is streamlining the process of finding the best course. I wish I had access to a tool like this once I started my Data Science learning journey. I feel that I could have possibl...