Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth by Julia Lehman (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesScience, Engineering & MathsAtmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth4.5 (106 reviews)Learn about the atmospheric chemistry of planets and celestial bodies and explore the possibility of finding life beyond Earth.Email me when I can join18,004 enrolled on this course


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How atmospheres are created and evolve.

How scientists analyse the composition of planetary atmospheres.

Planetary observation using active and passive space missions.

The factors needed to support life.

The search for habitable planets outside our solar system.

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This course is about atmospheric chemistry and explores the possibility of life beyond Earth. You will learn about planetary atmospheres across our solar system and beyond, and explore the communication methodologies used to determine atmosphere. You will also look into the factors needed to support life, explore the possibility of life beyond Earth, and start the search for habitable planets.


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Students appreciated the focus on atmospheric chemistry and the emphasis on research and future learning.

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Students found the repetitive nature of the course content on atmospheric chemistry and research to be problematic and suggested more variety in topics.

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