Understanding Global Development Management by Susan Fawssett (FutureLearn)

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Course content

Experience studing development at postgraduate level.

The project cycle and a stakeholder analysis tool

An explanation of what development management and development are

An opportunity to engage with development management and consider mitigating unconscious bias

A story of development management

The practice of development management and the rights to manage development for others

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This online course provides development managers with a taste of the global development management degree by providing a overview of development management as a whole and providing tips for managing development. Development managers will learn about the different aspects of development management including planning, development, and delivery. They will also learn about the different technology options available and find tips for managing development.


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Students appreciated the variety of activities in the course, including videos, quizzes, and discussions, which kept them engaged and excited. They found the course to be well-structured, providing an excellent overview of Global Development Management (GDM). The case studies were interesting and helpful, and the final part provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in GDM.

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Some students found no major issues or concerns with the course. However, a few suggested that additional interactive elements could enhance the learning experience further. They also mentioned that more real-life examples and practical applications of GDM concepts would be beneficial. Overall, the course received positive feedback with only minor suggestions for improvement.

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