Understanding Media: Introduction to Critical Media Literacy by Rebecca Beirne (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesCreative Arts & MediaUnderstanding Media: Introduction to Critical Media Literacy4.2 (5 reviews)How does the media affect us? Find out and improve your media literacy by learning how to analyse media, film and culture.Email me when I can join2,873 enrolled on this course


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Media literacy

Representation in the media

Putting media analysis into practice

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This course learns how to understand media and how to use analytical methods to understand and interpret media. It explores the defining moments in our lives with media, and how they are connected. It also learns how to use critical thinking and research skills to understand the role of media in the modern world.


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Students appreciated the Media Literacy course for its informative content and its ability to enhance their confidence in media representation concepts. They found it helpful in understanding and applying media portrayal, and they also enjoyed the short yet interesting format of the course, which effectively developed their media skills.

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