Learning Online: Studying and Reflecting by Carol Elston (FutureLearn)

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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (13%)
Clear and Concise Explanations (13%)
Practical and focused on Evaluations (10%)
Effective Training Methods (8%)
Good and logic Introduction (8%)

Course content

Reflecting online: why it is important to reflect, and the tools available

Sharing online: exploration of tools to enable the sharing of text, images and video

Sharing video and audio: reviewing the work of others

Using online resources to research playwright and actor, William Shakespeare

Producing great video content by considering essential elements such as purpose, audience, subject, and quality

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This course provides students with the opportunity to join other students in reflecting on their learning and sharing what they have learned. The course begins by learning about short tests and quizzes, and moves on to more traditional learning platforms, such as blogs, pin-boards, collaborative platforms, social media, and more. It will also teach you how to produce and share videos, use blogs, pin-boards, and collaborative platforms to share your learning with others, and join other students in producing and sharing videos.


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Students appreciated the well-paced course that introduced key concepts for effective remote study. They found the course useful and enjoyed learning methods like mind mapping. The online platform was easy to use and the course content was attractive, timely, and useful.

Worst review

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Some students found that not all the information was relevant to them, particularly those who were not studying at a university. There was a suggestion to add more courses related to logistics and supply chain management. Additionally, some students struggled with writing reflections and felt that effective note-taking was not covered in their previous studies.

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