Critical and Strategic Thinking in Practice (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesBusiness & ManagementCritical and Strategic Thinking in Practice4.8 (22 reviews)Use critical thinking and the conceptual thinking framework to approach problems effectively and communicate your solutions.Join - $79What's included?3,186 enrolled on this course

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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (19%)
Good and logic Introduction (17%)
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Applied fundamentals and worthy instructor (9%)
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Communicating the reasoning behind a solution to get wider buy-in and lead to success.

Approaching complex problems with well-established strategies.

Thinking about solutions from various perspectives, evaluating risks.

Defining productive and well-defined goals.

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This course features content from BigThink, including leaders in conceptual thinking, Alan Alda, Charles Duhigg, Leonard Mlodinow, and Nancy Duarte, as well as less-known leaders in the field. You'll learn how to apply conceptual thinking to problems and communicate your results in order to get more buy-in from stakeholders and decision-makers.


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Students appreciate the challenging nature of the course as it exposes them to different types of organizations. They find it fun and engaging. The course provides abundant resources and tools for learning. Students believe that it enhances problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

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Some students find the course challenging and may prefer a less demanding curriculum. They suggest improvements in terms of balancing the difficulty level. Additionally, a few students would like to see more practical application of the concepts taught in the course.

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