The Complete Virtual Presentation Course by Spencer Waldron (Skillshare)

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2 hours

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:09

2. Understanding how your audience makes decisions 5:16

3. How to make your content memorable 7:03

4. How to get and keep your audiences attentiong 2:50

5. How to decide your content strategy 1:51

6. Empathy mapping of your audience 3:03

7. Tips for making your presentation better 1:35

8. Time to structure your presentation correctly 5:18

9. Thoughts on scripting for presentations 3:24

10. The power of using Rhetoric 10:06

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This course is about how to get and keep an audience's attention, and how to use different methods to make your virtual presentation more engaging, remembered, and effective. It includes 28 bite-sized videos about different skills that you need to make a virtual presentation work. The course is designed to help you manage your nerves when presenting, grab your audiences attention, use visuals for impact, and data and visualise data to easily banish bullet points.


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