How to QUIT your job and CHASE your DREAMS! by Donald Fittsgill Jr (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:36

2. Preparing your mind 5:36

3. Finding your way 7:48

4. Honing your craft 1:47

5. Preparing financially 6:14

6. The side hustle 6:45

7. Prepare for takeoff 1:23

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This class is designed to do exactly what the title states and that's show you, "how to quit your job and chase your dreams" You'll learn how to prepare your mind, how to find your way, honing your craft, preparing financially, and preparing financially .


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I love your energy and passion for helping others achieve their dreams. Kind of like the section about the side hustle, how ideally it would be in the direction of what you want to do as a primary source of income.

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If I may offer a suggestion, some of us don't make an income that allows for considerable saving from a regular job, even with a side hustle. Maybe in this part, it may help to include a part about what you're to work in the mean time and how you can approach finding a sustainable income in a field or position related to what you aspire to do, as a stepping stone.

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