How to Paint your Own Watercolor Galaxy by Laura Sabel (Skillshare)

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1. Introduction 1:02

2. Materials 1:55

3. How to Prepare your Paper 2:21

4. Create your Nebula 30:41

5. Finishes 23:57

6. Final Thoughts 1:32

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The most expensive materials are not going to help you to improve your skills because it gives you a minimum margin of challenge . Working with what you have as a new artist will help you find solutions faster in the future . If you are not happy with your watercolor nebula, i am going to show you how to improve it using metallic watercolor, pastels and color pencils .


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This is a great course for everyone who wants to learn more about watercolor galaxies and using additional media on it. She is an amazing teacher and explains everything in a clear, fun and engaging way. You even encourage that it's okay not using expensive art supplies in order to know how to fix any honest mistake we do while using affordable art supplies. I've watched many classes on painting galaxies, but none as extensive and helpful as this.

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I have been painting galaxies for some time, but was never able to achieve the depth I wanted.

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