How to Get Motivated to Clear Clutter by Alice Inoue (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:40

2. Project 1:10

3. Why Minimize Clutter? 1:38

4. What is Your "Clutter Personality" 3:01

5. Are You a Woodpecker or a Butterfly? 1:38

6. Break Up with Your Belongings 3:04

7. Clutter Room Symbolism 2:31

8. Clutter Clearing Strategies 1:44

9. Dealing with Common Obstacles 2:25

10. Avoid "Clutter Creep" 2:09

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In this class i will motivate you and inspire you to not only make the time, but create a plan of action to start the release of clutter from your environment . This class includes a downloadable transcript for reference below . All you need to start this class is a pen and paper to jot down ideas relevant to you .


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I found the info on room symbolism and the different types of clutter personalities new and thought provoking. Alice breaks down how to clear clutter in a simple and yet efficient matter. I have a lot of trouble keeping my apartment and car clean, so I liked how nonjudgmental the tips were. Also learning about what type of clutterer I am and the significance of where I keep my clutter was enlightening! you will finish this course armed with a toolbox of actionable steps.

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