Candle Making: Scent Your Way to Paradise by John Norman (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Welcome 0:55

2. Dream Candle Project 0:58

3. Materials Needed 0:50

4. Getting the Most Scent 2:40

5. Picking Your Wick 1:40

6. Putting it All Together 2:20

7. Final Thoughts 0:37

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This class will teach students about the different types of soy wax and how to make candles with it. It will also show students how to get the most out of their candles with wicks and what to look for in a candle wick.


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Students appreciated the impressive information presentation and the ability to learn how to make candles. They also found the necessary techniques and materials used in the class to be effective.

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Some students found the repetition of topics such as making candles and necessary techniques to be problematic. They also suggested improvements in the area of cleaning up after use.

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