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A Freelancer's Guide to Building Healthy Client Relationships

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Rebecca Livermore



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1. Intro 2:00

2. Interview the Potential Client 5:31

3. Contracts and Proposals 10:32

4. Get Paid on Time 6:02

5. Train Your Clients 4:47

6. Going the Extra Mile 4:49

7. Keep Short Accounts 1:36

8. Position Yourself to Fire Clients 6:53

9. 5 Reasons to Let a Client Go 11:31

10. Don't Burn Bridges 3:24


Rebecca livermore is a freelancer and content creator from professional content . In this class you’ll learn: ,,how to interview potential clients and eliminate clients that aren’t a good fit . How to train your clients so they treat you with respect and honor your time. How to position yourself to fire toxic clients so you never feel stuck in a bad working relationship .


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Important points and situations are deeply analyzed from the point of view of rebecca's professionnal and personal experience and different strategies are given for each of them. This course is very helpful, especially for freelancers who are just starting with their first clients. I have owned several small businesses and found that there are a lot of tough clients to please. Her ideas of being honest and to set up more specific guidelines in contracts help avoid a lot of problems.

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Some clients are wonderful, appreciative, and a joy to work with, while some can be absolutely horrible, a danger to your mental health as well as their own businesses.

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