How to Learn a New Language The Efficient Way (Like a Polyglot) by Robin Kunz (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:30

2. The System Inspired By Polyglots 11:11

3. Adapt The System To You 3:09

4. Why Nothing Beats Spaced Repetition 3:51

5. Brief Overview of Anki 7:09

6. Why Speaking Is That Important 5:51

7. Brief Overview of italki 8:19

8. Final Thoughts 1:44

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This course teaches you how to learn any language in the most efficient and evidencebased way possible . You will learn how polyglots (persons who speak more than 10 languages) are learning languages and how we can use the same principles . Discover polyglot’s favorite tools: anki and italki and why the two tools are so good for learning a language .


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I really enjoyed this class, thanks so much for the help. So if you want to learn a new language this class is a must have! really great for someone at their very first step - gives you resources you may not have known about! can't recommend this course well enough and can't wait for new courses from robin. I already notice that I have better access to the language and I think that I will learn a language faster and easier now.

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