How To Learn a Language In 3 Months: even If You Have NO CLUE (the Self-Taught Way by Polyglot MM) by Marcella Mattar (Skillshare)

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1. How To Learn A Language: The Self-Taught Way by Polyglot MM 2:00

2. STEP 0: Know Your WHY - Motivation 5:07

3. STEP 1: THIS is how to get started 5:21

4. STEP 2: Why Listening Is Key 11:36

5. STEP 3: Talk to Yourself 4:24

6. STEP 4: Writing 1:57

7. STEP 5: Reading 1:51

8. STEP 6: Mindset And Goal 3:01

9. STEP 7: Maintaining The Language - Don´t Stress Too Much About It. 3:16

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You will find how easy and fun the process will be. And enjoy every step of your journey. See you in class! The polyglot way of learning languages is open with you on my personal method to learn language . How to learn any language in 3 months!


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I'm looking forward to re-watching this class and applying what marcella presents here. Marcella presents a very unique and intuitive approach to learning a language. This is one of the most interesting classes I've taken on skillshare, hands down.

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