Forced Marriage: Issues and Dilemmas (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesPsychology & Mental HealthForced Marriage: Issues and Dilemmas4.8 (12 reviews)Develop your knowledge of human rights and societal issues as you explore the impact of forced marriage and measures to combat it.Email me when I can join685 enrolled on this course


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Understand why the UN regards forced marriage as a form of violence against women

Equip learners with an understanding of the range of legal measures and interventions being implemented nationally and internationally to prevent forced marriage

Identify the challenges in addressing this sensitive social issue

Be aware of the potential impact of forced marriage on those affected

Explore the social and cultural contexts of forced marriage

Learn what is meant by the term forced marriage

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This course explores the meaning and impact of forced marriage on the individual and communities where it takes place. The course will also examine some of the measures and interventions being implemented to prevent forced marriage and support those affected.


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Students appreciated the comprehensive and inclusive nature of the course, as well as the input from individuals with lived experience. They found the content thought-provoking and informative, particularly the videos from survivors. The course also provided a wealth of different source materials and encouraged engaging discussions.

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Some students found the content upsetting and distressing at times. They also mentioned that the course could be challenging, but acknowledged that it helped them develop their knowledge and understanding. There were no specific recurring issues or critical feedback mentioned by the students.

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