Christmas watercolour wreath by Viddhi Saschit (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. About this class 1:55

2. Materials required 2:05

3. Colour palette 2:09

4. Practicing elements of the wreath 6:54

5. Painting wreath - Part I 3:33

6. Painting wreath - Part II 3:20

7. Final thoughts 1:02

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This christmas season come learn with me how to paint easy christmas watercolour wreath . The class is simplified to paint wreath in just few simple steps . If you are interested in buying the art philosophy product from india, you can visit .


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I really love this class, simple, quick but with a gorgeous result. I only took up painting during lockdown but it just feels like I need to add more depth to my wreath. I thoroughly enjoyed this class as it was very useful, informative and it was easy to paint step by step! it is a great exercise to help get into the holiday spirit! this is a fun, quick class perfect for any skill level.

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For the beginner she breaks the piece down into very 'doable' steps that are non-threatening, while for the more experienced there are little tips and inspirations to draw on.

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