European Empires: An Introduction, 1400–1522 by Sacha Davis (FutureLearn)

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Week 3 – The Conquest of Latin America. We examine in detail the invasion of the Aztec Empire. We consider the views of Europeans and First Peoples in our discussion.

Week 2 – Global Exploration. We take a closer look at the extensive overseas exploration of Portugal and Spain.

Week 1 – The Rise of Europe. We trace Europe’s rise from a comparatively insular and isolated continent in the Middle Ages to the very beginnings of its colonial empires in the early modern period.

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This online course is designed to provide students with a clear understanding of European empires and Europe’s history of expansion. It focuses on the origins and nature of European interactions with the lands and person beyond its borders, and provides an overview of the major events and people that shaped Europe’s first modern colonial empires.


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Students appreciated the course for its interesting content and excellent teaching. They found it well-organized and informative, with a good opportunity to reflect on Spanish and Portuguese explorations. The course provided a clear understanding of the period and included helpful resources such as maps and further reading.

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Some students felt that the course lacked detail and wished for more in-depth information. They also mentioned that the course was short and limited in its coverage. Additionally, a few students suggested having a list of recommended books and reading material for the course.

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