French Cursive Calligraphy - Learn the upper case letters by Mary-Jane Roussel (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Preface 0:38

2. Introduction 1:03

3. Uppercase 1 3:42

4. Uppercase 2 3:14

5. Uppercase 3 2:55

6. Uppercase 4 2:51

7. Uppercase 5 2:07

8. Uppercase 6 1:57

9. Sampler 0:27

10. Conclusion 1:21

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Learn traditional penandink calligraphy in the french cursive style using a broad nib . This is the logical followup to the French cursive learning the lower case letters course . The alphabet is studied "out of order", as we use certain letters (such as the "i" and the "o") to form other letters .


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French cursive is so pretty and perfect for making greeting cards and little gifts. Upper case letters are much more difficult to form well, but fun nonetheless.

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I wanted to learn a broad-nib calligraphy script that resembles handwriting, but italic is not my thing (when I'm writing in everyday life, whether printing or writing in cursive, my letters are always vertical).

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