Present State Awareness Meditation by Zachary Phillips (Skillshare)

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1. Introduction To Present State Awareness Meditation 0:51

2. What Is Present State Awareness 1:55

3. 1 Minute Guided Meditation 1:26

4. When To Use Present State Awareness 2:46

5. 5 Minute Guided Meditation 5:13

6. Different Ways To Practice 1:28

7. Class Project: Awareness Rock 1:52

8. Further Resources 1:13

9. Quick Recap 1:18

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This course will teach you how to practice present state awareness meditation . Get out of your head and into the present moment . By focusing on what your senses are telling you, you will become grounded causing anxious and depressive thoughts to lose their strength . This will have tremendous benefits to your mental health .


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Thanks again zachary phillips for another helpful tool for my mental health. I would appreciate it if you had a peak at any of may classes,,maybe you know someone who wants to dabble in watercolour... Thanks zachary for simplifying this subject for me and giving me easy to follow exercises. Thank you for the class - it's always nice to do some guided meditation and I felt your presentation was very clear, i really enjoyed this class that focuses on a very important topic.

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