HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certification by U H (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Course content

1. HACCP Introduction 2:43

2. Key Terminologies 3:04

3. Prerequisite Programs 3:53

4. HACCP Initial Steps 4:11

5. Hazard Analysis 5:48

6. Risk Assessment 4:22

7. Principle #2,3,4 & 5 6:35

8. Principle # 6 & #7 5:12

9. HACCP Sample Case Study 9:34

10. Common HACCP Mistakes 1:00

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The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a logical, scientific approach to control food safety hazards in food production. HACCP is a preventative system assuring the safe production of food products. The HACCP system can be applied to food manufacturing, shipping, distribution, food service, catering, hotel industry including home preparation as well. The ideal application of HACCP system would include all processes from farm to fork*HACCP system covers a sequence of 5 preliminary steps & 7 principles. The highlights of these initial steps and main principles are as follows.*1. Assemble HACCP team*2. Describe the product*3. Define Intended Use*4. Construct a process flow diagram*5. Onsite verification of process flow diagram*6 (Principle #1) List all potential hazards associated with each step, conduct a hazard analysis, consider any *7 (Principle #2) Determine Critical Control Points (CCPs)*8 (Principle #3) Establish Critical limits for each CCP*9 (Principle #4) Establish a monitoring system for food


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