How To Support Young People Living with Parental Mental Illness by Gemma Lewis (FutureLearn)

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Supporting children living with parental mental illness to build their own coping strategies and resilience

Understanding the impact of parental mental illness

Identifying children who have a parent with a mental illness and understanding their specific needs

Challenging stigma and building compassion, developing understanding and empathy for children living with this issue

Supporting children living with parental mental illness as a professional

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This course provides students with the opportunity to learn about parental mental illness and its impact on children. It starts by teaching students about how this problem affects development and how to deliver support. Next, the course learns about attitudes towards mental health and mental illness in society. It also explores how these attitudes may influence children’s development. Finally, the course learns about the global impact of this problem and how UCL’s time-and-life program UCL School of Languages and Literatures has helped parents with mental illness attend UCL courses.


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Students appreciate the relevance of the OurTime ADHD Course to educators and its focus on supporting young people with ADHD. They find the course comprehensive and excellent for providing advice on being an effective support system. The inclusion of case studies and examples of how lives have changed is also appreciated.

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Students have provided critical feedback regarding the OurTime ADHD Course. They feel that the course lacks coverage on dealing with mental health prevalence and the need for support in such situations. They suggest including advice on supporting young people with ADHD when they also face mental health challenges.

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