Overview of Advanced Methods of Reinforcement Learning in Finance (Coursera)

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Black-Scholes-Merton model, Physics and Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Trading and Market Modeling

Perception - Beyond Reinforcement Learning

Other Applications of Reinforcement Learning: P-2-P Lending, Cryptocurrency, etc.

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This course covers the basics of Reinforcement Learning in Finance, including how it helps to understand market behavior and how it can be used to predict outcomes in high-frequency trading. It also discusses ways that the method can also be used to understand perception and action cycles in the market, and how this can be used to make better predictions about cryptocurrency prices.


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Students appreciate the instructor's in-depth knowledge and wealth of information on RL applications in Finance. They find the content informative and appreciate the deep dive into the subject.

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Students have provided critical feedback regarding the lack of guidance and support from the instructor. They have found the signals and formulas related to pricing and trading to be confusing and problematic. Suggestions for improvement include providing clearer explanations and more support in understanding these concepts.

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