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Course content

1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to Trading 13:55

2. What is Trading? 4:24

3. What am I Trading? 6:25

4. Where am I usually Trading? 11:09

5. Who gives me access to Trade? 3:42

6. How do people approach trading? 8:00

7. Summary 3:26

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This course does not provides any type of financial investment advise in any form . All of the course materials are provided exclusively as informational and educational content of impersonal nature . If you choose to trade, you're doing so at your own risk and choice without any guidance from this course or it's author .


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Drawings were very good and on my way to follow mr gordon:) but the whole purpose of the class is that it teaches beginners (even for those who have already been trading but haven't gone deep into the subject), and it is great in that aspect. This course is very enlightening and the passion expressed by the teacher is very impressive thank you for such an amazing step by step and well detailed class. This is absolutely the best class I have ever been in on skillshare ever!

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Maybe a summiry also a the end of each lesson could be even more helpfull. Some more experienced people or those who have studied business/economics in the past might feel like some lessons are too basic.

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