Sentence Sense: Becoming an Active Writer by Duncan Koerber (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Course Overview 1:04

2. Introduction to the Course 2:11

3. What is Active Voice? 4:06

4. What is Passive Voice and Why is it so Bad? 6:19

5. The Morality Problem of Passive Voice 4:20

6. When it's Okay to Use Passive Voice 3:16

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The author discusses the importance of active voice in writing and how it can help to make the text more direct. She also teaches how to convert passive voice into active voice.


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Students appreciate Dr. Koerber's lesson on active voice, finding it extremely helpful and informative. They enjoy his clear explanations and wish they had him as their English teacher. The class is described as a great overview that caters to students at different levels of proficiency. Overall, students thoroughly enjoyed the refresher and highly recommend the class to others.

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