Kindle Marketing: Complete Guide to Amazon Kindle Publishing by Barry North (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. 1 1+Intro+To+Kindle 4:13

2. 1 2+Kindle+Website+DEMO 2:39

3. 1 3+Kindle+For+Business 2:11

4. 1 4+Options+For+Creating+Content 6:23

5. 1 5+Elance 3:39

6. 2 1+Create+Your+Content 3:38

7. 2 2+Kindle+Store 4:57

8. 2 3+Buy+Content 3:51

9. 2 4+Fiction+Press 2:07

10. 2 5+Cover+And+Formatting 3:54

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The amazon kindle marketing course consists of 3 modules . We show you how to create compelling content for your ebook even if you have limited writing experience . We'll show you stepbystep how to submit your ebook to amazon to make sure it is optimized for the kindle so you can make the most money possible .


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The speaker obviously knows his stuff, but he needs to make the content more publishing-focused.

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This program gave some basic information, which is helpful, but it included a lot of other things that weren't associated to the actual publication process.

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