How To Make Custom Graffiti Hats by Jeff Goring (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Trailer: How To Make Custom Graffiti Hats 0:40

2. Step #1: Spray Paint Hat Background 4:25

3. Step #2: Graffiti Letter 3D Drawing Technique 6:12

4. Second Hat Example 7:27

5. Thank You For Joining 0:31

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Custom graffiti hats are awesome as gifts and are a great skill to add to your artist resume . They make for great promotional items and sell well at large events . In this course, i will show you how to build your hat art; starting with the background, basic block letters, adding 3d elements, high lights and finishing it off with great details .


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Had fun watching it and really liked the trick with the blowing on the pen, that will be a new thing in my painting process =) i really appreciate the fact that you named the colors and brands you used. When I thought the hat was done, you hit me with more awesomeness! i don't plan on making hats - I'm just looking to incorporate a graffiti style into my artwork - and I found this tutorial very helpful!

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Could use a couple of clarifications on terminology, like "new york fat" and "cutting back".

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