Experimental Writing: Unlock Your Creativity by Mara Pastor (Domestika_EN)

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Before Crossing Out

The Erasure

The Novelty

Final project

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This online course is about how to use experimental writing techniques to unlock your creativity. It starts with how to create strikeout poems, which are usually used to create new text in poems. The course then goes on to discuss ways to use visual poetry, including how to use colors and the strikeout technique. It is also discussed how to write about novelties, and how to create a chapbook of your own. Finally, the course will teach you how to create a novelty book.


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Students appreciate the Mara course for introducing them to the work of Chilean poet Nicanor Parra and his use of everyday language as metaphors. They find the content inspiring and enjoy the opportunity to create chapbooks. The course is praised for its excellent instructor, research materials, and bibliography.

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Some students have not provided any critical feedback or areas for improvement for the Mara course. They find it very interesting and have a positive experience overall.

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