Digital Lettering on Brown paper on the Ipad pro (in procreate) by Ruth Lange (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 1:04

2. Sketching the design 6:19

3. Importing sketch 1:59

4. Colors 1:31

5. Chalkbrushes purchase & import 4:16

6. Brushes 3:15

7. Lettering 2:38

8. Floral arrangement - Part 1 6:21

9. Floral arrangement -Part 2 3:32

10. Shadow lines & Final words 6:21

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In this class we will combine some lettering with an arrangement of flowers and foliage on a brown paper background . i will show you how to fauxletter, draw a floral bouquet, and how to add a fauxshadow to your lettering . This class is great for beginners and advanced handlettering artists .


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The white chalk floral is quite lovely on the "brown paper" background. I recommend watching some classes like liz kohler brown, gia graham, and lettie blue to learn some more engaging ways to teach a class and keep the audience excited about the project. I think the sewing is great and some of the designs you showed along the way that you did on actual paper were amazing. Ruth is a great teacher; covers everything at a decent pace and explains everything very clearly.

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I would have sketched it straight in the procreate app, and moved from there, saving a step.

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