Design a Drink Label in Illustrator by Florin Buzea (Skillshare)

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Diverse and new content (27%)
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Course content

1. Intro Drink 0:38

2. Type & Colour 2:10

3. Designing The Label 7:21

4. Adding Personality 7:42

5. Details Part 1 5:48

6. Details Part 2 7:35

7. Variation & Presentation 5:14

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This course was created with beginners in mind but you do have to have a bit of experience with illustrator . Once you completed the course please make sure to leave a review of the course . We'll start by choosing fonts and colors, we'll add structure in the design and after we'll tie it up by adding a few details .


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I also liked how the teacher always says "cooool" haha. But I'll still consider it for beginners and you do pic up a few tricks on the way. It was extremely easy to follow, they described all the steps, making me feel like a pro with a finished mock up that looks sick! they also included all the resources, however the link to the fossil resource was broken, here is the correct one -

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I would have liked to see a few more examples but I guess that's where the student would come into play.

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