Creative Writing: The Opinion Essay by Kelsey Miller (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Good and logic Introduction (19%)
Effective Training Methods (19%)
Helpful Guide, Beginner Friendly (14%)
Detailed Material and Advanced Content (13%)
Clear and Concise Explanations (12%)

Course content

1. Introduction 1:46

2. Know What You Know (And What You Don’t) 4:13

3. What’s Your Beat? 2:24

4. Put Your Antenna Up 5:03

5. Find Your Angle 1:33

6. Ask Why 1:25

7. Back It Up 2:18

8. Draft It 3:48

9. Edit It 3:40

10. Pitch It 3:35

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This course is for anyone who has felt they had valuable input on a topic – an experience or stance that should be heard. It helps participants to amplify their voice and join the conversation.


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Students appreciated the excellent text writing course, highlighting the clear and actionable speaker. They found the class beneficial in learning how to write hard news texts and saw it as an opportunity to improve their writing skills.

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