The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients Online by Maria Wendt (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Ready to get more clients? 0:56

2. How many clients do you want? 3:57

3. How to calculate your sales conversion rate 3:43

4. Well, what exactly is a sales call? 3:46

5. How to decide where to promote your business 4:20

6. How to book more sales calls 7:18

7. How to attract more ideal clients to book calls 6:05

8. How to stay consistent & implement 2:08

9. How to complete your class project 2:31

10. Congratulations! Now, go get more clients! 0:34

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This class is a good fit for you if you are serious about getting new clients, you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, you want help scaling from around $3000/month to $10k . The secret to succeeding and actually getting clients is to make a commitment to implement what i am going to teach you in this class .


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Great lessons, gives me a lot to think about and consider. Lots of high quality tips on attracting and keeping more clients with lots of practical and applicable steps. Will save to rewatch for later as well! now I feel like I can take action increasing my client list. She is a great instructor, however this is a mini course for her big course, she has.

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