How To Teach Online: Moving online post-pandemic by Andrew Morton (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesTeachingHow To Teach Online: Moving online post-pandemic4.8 (964 reviews)Explore online teaching with this practical course for educators designed to help you transfer your teaching online.Email me when I can join106,644 enrolled on this course


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Useful and practical Content (10%)
Good and logic Introduction (10%)
Recommended, Engaging and Informative (9%)
Getting Started and Basic Essentials (8%)
Knowledge and Experience Teaching (8%)

Course content

Collecting and responding to student feedback

Bringing lessons learned from teaching online into your everyday practice

Getting started with online teaching

Preparing your students for successful online learning

Using tools designed for creating, sharing and re-mixing plans for learning

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This course is designed to help educators move their online teaching to online courses. It contains 764 ratings, of which 663 are good, 1 is bad, and 1 is average. We learn about practical ways to move their teaching online, and explore how to build an online community. We also learn about problems with digital education, and how to create an effective online course experience. Finally, we look to how students are using online course materials, and how to provide feedback and make students aware of their progress.


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Students appreciated the course for its ability to streamline their outlook on effective teaching methods, develop appropriate content and delivery, and provide relevant resources. They found the course inspiring, well-created, and beneficial to their teaching profession. It gave them structure, support, and a community to rely on. The course was considered extremely useful and provided great resources and content.

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