Glowing Beach Sunsets : A 7 Day Gouache Challenge by Zaneena Nabeel (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Hello & Welcome back! 1:57

2. Materials you'll need 6:56

3. Practice - Part 1 16:48

4. Before we begin! 2:43

5. Day 1 - CRIMSON Sunset 17:06

6. Day 2 - VIOLET Sunset 20:20

7. Day 3 - GOLDEN YELLOW Sunset 18:29

8. Practice - Part 2 23:34

9. Day 4 - PURPLE Sunset 17:35

10. Day 5 - ORANGE Sunset 13:56

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For this 7day challenge, i will be guiding you through painting seven unique and beautiful glowing beach sunsets . I encourage you to complete all the paintings in 7 days in a row, but you are welcome to stop and come back to finish at anytime at your own pace .


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Thank you for this beautiful and nerve calming subject and gorgeous projects. This class is so well explained and the projects are so lovely. Beautiful class with such amazing explaination and projects to try and learn. Those vibrant colors and the seascapes will automatically cheer up one's mood and the way you explain things clearly portrays your effort. Everyone can give a try even if your a beginner, all the techniques are explained so well. Zaneena’s classes are treat to watch and I always look forward to her classes.

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