Introduction to Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector by Yianny Ioannou (FutureLearn)

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Introduction to Safeguarding

Learning and Implementation


Definitions, misuse of power and identifying safeguarding concerns



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This course is designed to help those working in NGOs and development and humanitarian agencies better understand the causes of harm, abuse, and exploitation. It will also help those working with and for children, young people, and vulnerable adults to better understand the key principles of safeguarding. The course was developed with advisors from BOND and the CHS Alliance, as well as with insights from a senior academic specialist in safeguarding.


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Students appreciate the course for its excellent design and structure. They find it beneficial in providing a concise understanding of safeguarding in the Development and Aid Sectors. The course covers various types of safeguarding violations and offers detailed insights into the cycles of safeguarding, power imbalance, and the development and implementation of safeguarding policies. Students highly recommend this course to anyone working in the international development and Aid Sectors as it helps in furthering their understanding of safeguarding.

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