Implementing Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector by Philippa Ramsden (FutureLearn)

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Accountability to donors, partners and beneficiaries – including community engagement methodologies, advocacy and marketing.

Building on the learning from Course 1: Introduction to Safeguarding in the International Aid Sector.

Development of prevention mechanisms and their use when working with children and people with disabilities.

Reporting and responding to abuse and exploitation through community-based complaints mechanisms including whistleblowing, confidentiality, and survivor-centred referrals.

Identification of vulnerability, intersectionality and safeguarding risks in different development and humanitarian programmes and operations.

Implementation and learning from safeguarding practices when developing an organisational safeguarding culture.

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This six-week course will teach individuals in the international aid sector how to Safeguard their properties and ensure that they have access to training so that they can be able to take appropriate measures to protect their properties. Additionally, the course will include an international human rights and safeguarding expert to discuss the content and how it was developed.


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The Safeguarding Focal Point course was timely, relevant, and extremely beneficial for participants' Safeguarding skills. It captured most of the issues development professionals face and helped participants understand safeguarding more fully.

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