Developing a Google SRE Culture by Google Cloud Training (Coursera)

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Good and logic Introduction (13%)
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Applied fundamentals and worthy instructor (9%)
Helpful Guide, Beginner Friendly (9%)
Getting Started and Basic Essentials (9%)

Course content

Module 1: Welcome to Developing a Google SRE Culture

Module 2: DevOps, SRE, and Why They Exist

Module 3: SLOs with Consequences

Module 4: Make Tomorrow Better than Today

Module 5: Regulate Workload

Module 6: Apply SRE in Your Organization

Module 7: Final Assessment

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This course introduces key practices of Google SRE and the important role IT and business leaders play in the success of SRE organizational adoption. It discusses how SRE cultural and technical practices can help improve collaboration between the business and IT, and discusses how SRE can be adopted in IT and business roles.


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The training is highly appreciated by students for its focus on team structures, overcoming silos, and improving work environments. It provides a strong theoretical foundation and offers valuable insights into Google SRE culture. It is considered a great introductory course for beginners and managers looking to implement SRE. The instructor does an excellent job of explaining SRE concepts and provides additional resources for further learning. The course is not only beneficial for engineering and operations teams but also inspires other teams.

Worst review

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Some students feel that the course lacks practical knowledge and would have preferred more hands-on experience. Although the training is informative, there is a need for more practical application. This feedback suggests a potential area for improvement in providing real-world examples and exercises to enhance the learning experience.

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