Learn how to sing better in 10 lessons by Alexandra Belibou (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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High Quality and easy Material (15%)
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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (13%)
Practical and focused on Evaluations (11%)
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Course content

1. Course presentation 0:44

2. 1. Relax before singing 4:05

3. 2. Breathing 7:18

4. 3. Find your singing voice 4:40

5. 4. Vocal warm-up 11:30

6. 5. Vocal technic 1 5:47

7. 6. Vocal technic 2 5:43

8. 7. Belting technic 6:05

9. 8. Twang voice 4:53

10. 9. Riffs and runs 5:45

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This course is for beginner singers, it is also good for music lovers who want to discover their singing voice. I am a professional musician and I designed this course to help you get better in 10 lessons. My course has breathing exercises, professional vocal warm-ups, vocal technique exercises, practical advice and pro guidance. The things you will learn are the ones used by all great singers. In this course, you will learn how to sing both male and female formulae, how to sing in different styles and create music. The course is over so you're ready to go into the next lesson.


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Students found this course amazing and easy to follow. They appreciated the helpful tips for improving singing and found the instructor to be informative. The techniques taught in the course worked great for the students and helped them improve their singing voice quickly.

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