Just Start: 5 Exercises That Lead To Big Wins by Rich Armstrong (Skillshare)

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1. Introduction 2:59

2. Welcome 1:14

3. Define Your Journey 3:36

4. Get It Out Your Head 2:30

5. Make It Smaller 5:13

6. Schedule It 3:19

7. Make It Easier 1:40

8. Final Thoughts 1:50

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Class is all about starting that thing, and continuing to start it each day . By consistently taking small steps you can do your best work . We'll go through 5 practical exercises to help you clarify where you want to get to, what steps you need to take right now, and how to make it easy to start .


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Also loved the energy and passion in the presentation of the lessons. Engaging instructor - all of the lessons & example are clear and thoroughly explained! tonight, I took two classes one on clarity and this one. More for those that are further in the process of their journey but, very easy to follow the steps and see why things are this way. I will say, however, that sometimes it felt like the instructor was talking to a child due to the intonation and enthusiasm of his voice.

Worst review

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I was having trouble getting started on a few goals I have. However some places I wished there were more examples or helping questions, on the brain dump part. Also the resources would be more helpful if they included an example. Examples would really help... Especially on the who/what/where/do/etc exercise. I usually look for adobe illustrator classes on skillshare but never really find myself wanting to do the things that feel hard like writing things down. So I can baby step myself into a sale sign on the house.

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