Watercolor Pines by Kolbie Blume (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 1:34

2. Materials 7:30

3. Warm Up 7:17

4. Pines: Method 1 7:34

5. Pines: Method 2 8:48

6. Pines: Method 3 8:36

7. Pines: Method 4 6:09

8. Pines: Method 5 6:52

9. Pines: Method 6 4:56

10. Pines: Method 7 9:22

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Learn to paint loose watercolor pine trees using 8 easytolearn methods! with a variety of styles to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect way to paint a pine tree and create stunning forest paintings that would satisfy any wanderlusting soul.


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So many great ways to make trees, love the new methods! great techniques and all well explaned, she is so dedicated to their students and work. She is so engaging and positive and her clarity of instruction is just what I was hoping for. I've been finding her thoughts on watercolor and embracing imperfection so incredibly thoughtful and refreshing and overall has really brought me a a sense of calm during these crazy times. I came across kolbie when searching on pinterest for beginner watercolor tutorials.

Worst review

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When you said at the beginning that others remarked about how easy you make it look, I said, "me too!" i wish that kolbie would be more clear on in instructions and length as I kept mixing my brushes and also show the materials for a bit longer as I need to assemble my stuff

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