Watercolor Florals for Beginners: Autumn Theme by Joly Poa (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. What is This Class About? 2:33

2. Class Projects Overview 2:00

3. Materials That You Need 6:16

4. Color Mixing 3:49

5. Autumn Elements 15:08

6. Autumn Leaf Wreath 15:03

7. Autumn Dahlia 13:47

8. Autumn Roses 13:02

9. Handheld Bouquet 15:49

10. Orange Fall Bouquet Part 1 9:10

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Learn how to paint watercolor florals and how to give it a fall vibe . This is suitable for both beginners and experienced watercolor artists . Videos will be shown in realtime so that the students can follow along . The lessons learned in this class can also be applied to different subjects .


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And I love all the colors and the quality of the projects. And I really love all videos and the different projects I am learning. I have been taking skillshare classes for over a year and following jolypoa on social media for a while. Although I have years of practice ahead of me, I was able to follow her class and ended up learning so much more than expected. I need a lot of practice but atleast I know where to start.

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