Watercolor Bunny: Fun and Easy by Kateryna Loreli (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. 1. Welcome 2:06

2. 2. Supplies 1:30

3. 3. Bunny - Part 1 6:35

4. 4. Bunny - Part 2 5:20

5. 5. Bunny - Part 3 7:01

6. 6. Bunny II - Part 1 11:08

7. 7. Bunny II - Part 2 7:31

8. 8. Final thoughts 0:36

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Welcome to the watercolor bunny: fun and easy! Even if you have never painted animals with watercolors before, i encourage you to take this challenge . In this class you will learn: Wet on wet, dry on dry watercolor technic, how to paint fur,how to paint simple greenery,


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Painting bunnies in spring is such a natural thing to do!" in this class there is so much useful and in depth information about watercolor painting process, well organized an clearly explained this class is delightful. They are so unique, it made me to come to my watercolors and try to create these cuties :)

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