Watercolor and the wedge brush by Jen Sweeney (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 1:49

2. Class Project 1:13

3. Supplies 2:22

4. Brush Strokes Part 1 11:20

5. Brush Strokes Part 2, + Bonus 8:32

6. Constructing 3 vines 10:11

7. Constructing 3 branches 6:24

8. Adding Leaves to vines, part 1 9:28

9. Adding leaves to vines, part 2 5:04

10. Adding leaves to branches 6:11

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In this class, you will learn how to create graceful strokes with a wedge brush . You will learn unique ways to hold and angle your brush in order to execute these beautiful strokes . There are over 20 PDF's available for download that show specific strokes of the brush along with multiple templates and examples of vines and leaves .


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I highly recommend this class to everyone wanting to learn how to use this brush. Jen is a natural encourager and I appreciate that in a teacher. Whether a beginner or seasoned artists, this class will jumpstart or push you in directions that will be a creative adventure. The useful tips on how to accent the branches is good information. I am new in watercolors and looking for technical as well as engaging lessons. She is a natural born teacher, sharing her talents with us.

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