Relaxing Painterly Mandalas in Procreate by Jennifer Nichols (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:34

2. Class Resources & Preventing Pixelation 9:22

3. Your Class Project 2:06

4. Canvas Set-Up & Symmetry Basics 8:47

5. Creating Your Sketch 11:14

6. Rough Color 5:59

7. Painting The Base Colors 9:43

8. Painting The Final Colors 14:54

9. Gorgeous Finishing Touches 10:49

10. Background Ideas 6:09

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Learn how to create the most beautiful, painterly mandalas in procreate! you’ll learn all about the radial and rotational symmetry tool, first for a sketch and then the final art . These creations are fun, relaxing, and meditative . You need to be familiar with procreate but you don’t need any art skills to take this class .


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Jennifer demonstrated several new skills as I learned to create a mandala. I have never been disappointed with any of jennifer’s classes and this one is amazing. Always such a great pleasure to learn new things with you-jennifer the eight examples she shared makes you totally want to create some beautiful ones of your own. The brushes that are included are some of my favorite ones I have used. Thank you for all the ready to use warm up templates, color swatches and brushes!

Worst review

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However in this class I saw those both features focused in one person. I have to be honest and say that I only started this class because I love jennifer's teaching style and techniques, but I really didn't think it would fit my "style" of what I like to do. Now that I took way too long of a break from work this afternoon, I have to catch up. While i’ve played around with the symmetry functions in procreate, i’ve never done a mandala in a painterly style.

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