Fun and easy watercolor feathers - loose style by Viddhi Saschit (Skillshare)

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1. Welcome to the class 1:00

2. Materials required 1:55

3. Warm up and basic techiniques 4:13

4. Practise 7:38

5. Final project 5:49

6. Adding Details 2:36

7. Conclusion 0:59

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Learn to paint some colorful feathers in loose style only with some easy brush strokes . You will be delighted with the output as i guide you step by step from the basic techniques . By the end of the class you will feel confident in working with watercolors and will feel more inspired to paint .


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I loved how this class focused on one form/shape, the feather! i joined skillshare to take up ur class viddhi and im super excited to have learnt some amazing techniques. It is easy to do and the results look very good no matter waht.. Very easy class to paint along with and think about how the techniques can be incorporated into my own style.

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