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Watercolor Woodland

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Panchami Shetty



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1. Sneak peak into the class 2:58

2. Materials needed and color mix 6:51

3. Lets practice some tree sketches 5:03

4. Lamp in woodland- execution plan 1:45

5. Lamp in woodland- sketching and background 7:50

6. Lamp in woodland - painting trees 14:01

7. Lamp in woodland- lamp and detailing 10:22

8. Deers in woodland- execution plan and sketch 7:23

9. Deer in woodland- background 13:26

10. Deer in woodland- trees and detailing 19:50


We will learn to paint two beautiful woodland scenes with different compositions and color combinations . In this class, i will take you through my step by step process to paint each of the projects starting from,sketching and understanding basic perspective . Will also share with you a lot of tips on how to make corrections and alternative approaches .


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You get so many hacks and tips as you paint along with the class. As well, I learned a lot about colour mixing and how to correct mistakes while you paint. Thank you mam for such a lovely class... Looking forward to more of your classes ! love your process on explaining the alternated shades of colors to use :) stay safe ! i think it will help me plan my paintings once I do start doing that :) looking forward to more classes from panchami.Thanks for great one :)

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