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Watercolor Winter : Magical Forests Made Easy

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Francoise Blayac



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1. Introduction 2:02

2. Class Projects 2:05

3. Supplies 2:46

4. Exercise 1 : Color Mixing Magic 4:29

5. Exercise 2 : Painting the trees 4:42

6. Magical Tree Canopy- Part 1 : Sky 4:48

7. Magical Tree Canopy- Part 2 : Trees 5:18

8. Magical Tree Canopy- Part 3 : Details 6:52

9. Mysterious Woods - Part 1 : Background 4:37

10. Mysterious Woods - Part 2 : Trees 8:59


In this watercolor winter class, you are going to learn key techniques to paint dramatic and magical forests . This class is best suited for intermediate learners who are eager to learn new techniques and ways to approach the painting process . To do this, we’ll explore :,effective color mixing with only 3 basic colors, for a mystical color palette. Transparency, for added depth. The power of light and shadow, to highlight the impression of a beautiful glow .


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I love the usage of minimal colours to create such beautiful paintings! francoise is a great teacher and I love how detailed are her instructions! one of the best teacher on skillshare.. Her instructions are very clear, the color mixing and tree exercise before starting the actual project, is extremely helpful. From color pallette, to giving practice examples, to giving us thing to remember at the end of the video everything was well organised. Last but not least, the end result is quite satisfying too!

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I cant believe that I could paint these mysterious forests and achieve the total effect.

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