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Watercolor on a Sketchbook: Paint a typical Tuscanian Landscape

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Chiara Mazzetti



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1. Welcome! 2:04

2. Materials 2:49

3. The Sketch 5:48

4. Sky and Clouds 8:21

5. Hills 15:45

6. Houses, first layer 9:53

7. Greenery and Details 11:58

8. The Grass 12:28

9. Final Details 8:53

10. Thank You! / Class Project 0:45


You will learn to paint a typical tuscanian landscape using watercolors . In the first part of this class i will go over all the materials needed to complete the painting . The second part we dive right into action, painting the sky first, full of clouds, and shaping the cultivated hills where the village is located right after .


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The entire process is broke down in simple easy and understandable steps. Lots of details but you did a great job breaking it down. Before taking your class I did'nt had confidence to paint such landscapes. She explaines all the steps very well and I feel more comfortable taking on landscapes on my own now! the instructions were easy to follow and I was able to paint right alongside the teacher through the lessons. , The class is a wonderful learning experience for anyone who wants to learn watercolor landscapes.

Worst review

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After painting mountains and boat loads of pine trees for months, I thought I should try to actually develop something new. :-/ I might try again another day, but maybe I'm just too much of a beginner still. Unfortunately my attempt was a complete disaster, which I wasn't going to share on here. Would appreciate if the teacher could tell the student before hand where to leave the small whites that make a big impact once the whole painting is finished, as you cannot get back the whites in watercolour.

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