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Watercolor for beginners - Paint Terracota Pots with me

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Sweta Kaushik



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1. Introduction 1:10

2. Materials Required 2:20

3. Basic colour mixes for pots 1:59

4. Key to paint perfect pots - Light & Shadow 7:20

5. Terracota Pots - Sketching 4:30

6. Terracota Pots - First Wash of Colors 7:17

7. Terracota Pots - Final wash of Shadow 8:17

8. Five ways to add realism 6:10

9. Conclusion 0:17


Learn to paint beautiful terracota planters in a loose and realistic way! in this 40 minutes class for all skill levels, i will teach you how to approach painting and sketching pots if you are using a reference pic or painting live . I have also shared with you exact colour palette required to paint pots .


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Thank you for such a detailed class and so many tips and tricks. A great follow up class to ‘everything you need to know about painting shadows’ another outstanding class by sweta, full of great techniques and skills to learn. Very cool tips on color mixing and shadows to add realism in artwork. If I could make but one request it would be to remove the background music as it is on a loop and I found it a bit distracting, sweta has a definite eye for color and design.

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But I couldn't understand the color name of the second color used in the mixing examples in the very beginning.

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