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Setting up a custom sketching palette with watercolors

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Julia Bausenhardt



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1. Introduction 1:58

2. Materials 2:04

3. Why Set Up Your Own Palette? 4:20

4. Choosing Colors: Transparency, Opacity, Lightfastness 9:59

5. Choosing Colors: Granulation, Pigment Names 9:35

6. Mixing And Primary Colors 11:56

7. Color Temperature 4:24

8. Choosing A Palette 8:04

9. Tubes Or Pans 7:01

10. Basic Palette Layouts 4:43


In this class, we’re taking a look at how to set up and organize a custom watercolor palette for outdoor sketching . The class is about setting up a palette, not necessarily about buying new paint . It also makes a lot of sense to fill your palette with the colors you like, not just to use the random colors you get from a readymade kit .


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I definitely consider it a valuable resource for creating palettes and mixing colors. This is by far the best class I have taken on skillshare. But this instructor taught everything in such an interesting way that I didn’t skip through even 1 minute if the entire class. I also really liked hearing her opinions on the different color palettes and paint palettes. I was having issues with some watercolors, now I understand why and know what to look for. Nice introduction to colour selection, colour mixing and palette set-up.

Worst review

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I almost didn’t take it because I thought I knew a lot about color mixing. Maybe this is more on the beginner side while I like being a little more nerdy about my colors. I need to be more choosy about my colour choices and limit the number of colours I bring in. Didn't help me with my "i want all the colors" mentality

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